Pictured rare fine quality danburite from Mexico. Since danburite has a relatively short history, from the early 19th century to the present, there are no known uses for danburite as a religious or worship symbol, but some members of the New Age community have adopted this gemstone claiming it offers a variety of healing properties.

They believe that the stone has vibration-type qualities which can enhance or stimulate intellectual activity in the brain or increase a persons psychic abilities and could bring on visits by angels and other-wordly beings, especially during dreams.

Other claims that danburite can eliminate certain diseases and other medical conditions including diseases of certain organs like the liver and gall bladder. Natrual form crystals can bring on positive emotional changes and can help deal with certain self-destructive behaviors. When gemstone shines with a bright clear light, and is believed to originate from the higher dimensions, creating a link with the angelic realm.