Danburite, is a relatively new gemstone discovered in 1839 in Danbury, Connecticut. The original deposit is now buried under the city of Danbury. With a hardness of 7, danburite is quite hard and suitable for any kind of jewelry. Because of its high refractive index, well cut danburites are remarkably bright and can look something like diamonds. Today, most of colorless danburite comes from Mexico. S

It is normally colorless to very light pink in color but some deposits may produce gemstones which can be shades of yellow or brown. Danburite handles easily and ordinarily offers no problems for lapidaries. It makes an especially brilliant gem because of its extreme clarity. The danburite is a by product of the metal ore production.

Well shaped and clean crystal terminations over twenty-five carats are rare and most pieces are average around ten carats. There are no known enhancements, synthetics, or imitations od danburite on the market and although the mineral itself is relatively common, large, facetable gemstones are rare.


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